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I have worked with Hypixel from 2014 through to 2020 in a number of roles

Most of my time was spent learning, growing and practicing on the Hypixel Builders team.

It was there that I was trained on many aspects of level design. I also practiced an incredibly wide variety of styles of building.

Over the years with Hypixel, I have found my strengths in Minecraft, those being organics, bold structure, terrain and micro-detialing.

This is only a sample of the amount of maps I've designed and worked on.


Some examples of graymaps for projects that were cancelled or heavily changed.

Level Design

Various Minigames


In all modes, teams of players spawn and use preparation time to gather resources, arm themselves and prepare defences, before a wall drops and a battle to be the last team standing begins.


Players spawn alone or in teams on an island, collect resources to buy upgrades to help move to outer islands for better resources to buy better upgrades to eventually be the last team standing.